X FIT TOTAL CONDITIONING is a specially designed group program that will help you lose weight, get toned and get back in shape…..

With these fast paced, fat burning, 45 min sessions you can be sure….. that not only will you get a challenge workout, but burn loads of calories to drop weight and inches fast


  • Anyone who wants a high calorie fat burning workout
  • Anyone who is looking to lose weight and get toned
  • Anyone who wants to get leaner and build lean muscle
  • Anyone who like to challenge themselves
  • Anyone who like to train in a supportive and supervised environment
  • Anyone who is caught for time or does not want a long term commitment

X-Fit Total Conditioning is a one of kind program in Wexford. We take the ethos, intensity and fat burning results from our Semi private personal training programs and designed a small group program that is based around challenging you and your body to get amazing results...!!!!

Michael Owttrim
Real Results Training

Here's What You Get.....

  • Fat Burning Workout

    Get the Full Body fat burning workout, each week a new and different workout all based around getting you burning calories, losing weight and getting back in shape

  • Small Training Group

    With limited numbers in each session (max of 8 people in each session) All your sessions will be fully supervised to ensure you are training to your ability and correctly, at each and every workout

  • 45 min Sessions

    Session are only 45 mins in duration, so you can get in, get a great workout and be set for the day ahead, with out spending hours and hours training.

  • Basic Nutritional Support

    Not only will you get your training but access to my nutritional email series to help you get your food and eating habits right


Group 1


Next start date - Saturday 24th Feb

Training Times: 7am - 7:45am

Mixed Group

BUY 4 WEEKS - €40
BUY 12 WEEKS - €120

Group 2


Next start date - Saturday 24th Feb

Training Times: 8am - 8:45am

Mixed Group

BUY 4 WEEKS - €40
BUY 12 WEEKS - €120

Group 3


Next start date - Saturday 24th Feb

Training Times: 9am - 9:45am

Mixed Group

BUY 4 WEEKS - €40
BUY 12 WEEKS - €120

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWill This Be Crossfit?

    Absolutely… we are just not using the name crossfit as we do not have the rights, but the workouts will be designed as any other Crossfit Work Out

  • q-iconDo I need to Pre Book My Place?

    Yes you will need to book your place, as we are only taking 8 people in each time slot…. X-Fit is about as much coaching as it is about training. We want enough room in each session to get an awesome workout

  • q-iconI Have Never Done X-Fit Total Conditioning Before Will I be Able to Do It?

    Yes….. The program and intensity will be modified to suit your fitness needs. Due to the fast pace of the training program we do not advise this program for complete beginners


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